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Do you want more money? Speak to the Goddess of Money within you and money will come to your life. In this episode, Halle Eavelyn explains the Universal Law that what you seek is also seeking you. If you want more opportunities, it’s looking for you. Want a private jet? It’s looking for you! But you have to open yourself up to the possibility. You need to understand the concept of creation. Tune in to manifest money into your life!

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Goddess Of Money

This one is going to be awesome. We’re going to talk about money specifically. You may have noticed the title of this episode is Goddess of Money. There isn’t a goddess of money per se, which is great because you don’t want to be worshiping money, but I want to talk for a moment about the Greek goddess, Demeter. She is the symbol of harvest. The ancient Greeks used to worship her in the hopes that they would have a bigger and better harvest. That’s the area that we’re going to focus on, the idea of harvest and abundance. I’m excited about this. I believe that she came down through the goddess, Hathor.

A lot of these are repurposed. I don’t know if you know this but for example, when the Christian Church came into being, they created churches on the sites of pagan holy ground. It was a little bit of a desecration. It was done on purpose but the idea was we are overwriting your religion with our religion. We’re going to take the Druid, places of worship and pop our churches right on top of them. If you’ve ever been to Glastonbury, which is about two hours away from Stonehenge, you will find that there is the Glastonbury Tor or tower. It is at the top of a very tall hill. You can see around the entire area of 360 degrees from Glastonbury Tor. It’s basically what its name is, tower. However, it was built on top of the sacred pagan site that had been used for thousands of years prior by the Christians. That is very typical. That has happened everywhere.

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Similar thing in Egyptian culture, in the Egyptian Pantheon of the gods, Hathor, who’s my girl, my totem, was the goddess of joy, love, childbirth, singing and dancing. Demeter, who is the Greek goddess was formed from Hathor. There were Hathor cults for a long time. There were cults that were devoted to Demeter later in the Greek period. I believe the thing that she’s known the most for is being the goddess of nature and specifically of harvest. When we think in terms of worship, we’re not at a place in our modern time where we just go to our church and pray to a particular god or goddess who will bring us money. We don’t work like that. Most people have probably been found if not on bended knee, at least fervently wishing, hoping, praying and there’s a little song for more money. None of it works that way.

The Concept Of Creation

Let’s talk about how it works. In order to create, you need to be able to manifest. Manifest is to bring that concept of creation. The thought into reality. I’m studying with this amazing crypto coach because I’m getting into and loving cryptocurrency. He says, “You have to see it in your mind if you want to hold it in your hand.” That’s a principle that I’ve been thinking about for a very long time. It goes all the way back from the teachings that I have picked up over the years. It goes back to Wallace Wattles, who was writing years ago that said, “Thoughts are things.” The way that I’ve heard Jerry Hicks is the idea that thoughts become things. I liked the idea of, “You have to see it in your mind to hold it in your hand,” because it makes it tangible. It makes it something that, “I’m holding it in my hand. I can touch it.”

In order for this to happen, we simply need not to beg some entity of ours on the outside. Somebody that we believe can bring us things and rather, we need to co-create the thing that we desire so that we can manifest it. Manifesting means holding it in your hand. How do we do that? Everybody always wants to know how. Clients are always crying to me, “How?” The answer is simpler than you think. Now is a good time to mention the thing that I always talk about. Simple and easy are not the same thing. Sometimes, if you hear something and you’re like, “It’s that simple,” you think it’s too easy. I don’t want you to spend time thinking about that because it’s going to get in your way. I simply want you to know what I’m going to say and try it.

YGA 23 | Goddess Of Money

Goddess Of Money: See the future as if it were already happening.


The whole idea is that you’re going to try this the 1st, 5th or 500th time. Because you’re focusing in this way, it’s going to work and you will be able to see it for yourself. In order for us to manifest, we have to bring the future into the present. We’re talking about money specifically but this works for everything. To bring the future into the present, you have to see it now because now is the only moment in time that we have. By the time the future gets here, it’s going to be now. Those are four moments that went by. If you want to have your future realized as a future of wealth, be on that private jet, own that amazing house, have that yacht, incredible car, the person that you want in your life, those kids or that amazing business. You want to set your intention for it and then bring the future into the present.

How do you do that? You do it by seeing, which teaches your brain that it’s a safe state and the future as if it were already happening now. You close your eyes and visualize. You see, hear, taste, touch and smell it. You create the five senses and then you feel what it feels like to have it. Let’s face it. We do not all just want money to keep it in the bank. We want money so that we can have freedom and that we can say, “Hmm,” to the boss that’s bothering us. We can take the time to write the book that’s inside of us, be able to send our kids to college or say, “I never have to work again. I’m going to enjoy the rest of my life.” In every case, what we’re doing is we are claiming the thing as if we already had it. Going back to my example, if I want my lake house and I’m excited about that, I am going to visualize that I am sitting at my lake house, drinking my cup of coffee, taste what it is like to have the coffee go down my throat, feel what it is like to have the mug touch my lip and in the entire time, I’m going to be seeing the lake in the background.

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I’m going to be hearing the birds chirping, the sounds of the forest that are surrounding me on my lake, smell the coffee and the wood deck. I’m doing all of this with my eyes closed because we take about 80% of our information in through our eyeballs. We want to stop doing that. We want to close that off because it gives a chance for our brains to paint beautiful pictures in our minds. That is the basic way to bring the future into the present. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to manifest. For most of us, we don’t spend very much time in that space. Where we do spend our time and a lot of it is, “This can’t happen because of this. This won’t happen because of this. I got all my money and then it left me, so I can’t have any money anymore.”

People think that there’s a money pie like, “Here’s my money pie. I’ve already eaten my piece. I don’t get any more pie.” The truth is everyone gets their own pie. There were so much pie that you cannot possibly eat all of the pie that you have allocated to you in this lifetime. What you can do is tell yourself, “I already ate my pie and I don’t get anymore.” It’s an inclusive universe. The universe is like, “No more pie for you.” What are you stuck with? No pie, doing it the hard way and eking it out. When you understand that it’s an infinite universe and everything can come to you because you claim it, you can have lemon meringue pie, strawberry pie, coconut cream pie. You can have them both at once, one bite of each at the same time. You can have every kind of pie that you like. Somebody else likes banana cream pie. It doesn’t matter because it’s not your pie. Your pie doesn’t belong to them. Your pie belongs to you.

Why is that important? It’s because a lot of people are like, “That person stole money from me.” I have had that happen before. I’m studying with this brilliant crypto coach. However, before that happened, I gave two entire Bitcoins back when Bitcoin was $9,000 each. I gave two entire Bitcoins that I had to someone who was going to be managing it for me because it was before the Bitcoin exchanges were around before it was easy to manage your own cryptocurrency. He basically scammed everyone. Not just me and my two Bitcoins. It was a $10 million scam. It sucks. If you’re caveat emptor, let the buyer beware. That guy was in Federal court. He’s going to prison for a long time and I’ll never see that Bitcoin again. That’s okay. The universe will bring it back to me in a different way where I would hurt myself and honestly, where I did hurt myself because I missed an entire bull market in crypto sitting it out. I was sad and upset because I had lost money.

There Are Many Ways To Make Money

YGA 23 | Goddess Of Money

Goddess Of Money: The universe can see 360 degrees.


Instead, what I did eventually was I retooled and said, “The tools of the universe apply here as well. Universe, please bring me not only that $18,000. I want all of the opportunities. I want the rise.” Bitcoin was at $60,000. I’d take $120,000 if I left my money in the entire time. The universe can send me that money in any way that it would like. I am not limited. This is what we do. We say, “I can see some ways of making money. I could ask for a raise at my job. I could quit my job and start my own business, then I’d probably be making more money than I was making. I could inherit some money, win the lottery or somebody could give me money.”

What am I doing? I’m taking those blinders that I had on that was saying, “There’s only a couple of ways.” Every way that I have, I’m opening my vision up a little bit. However, the universe can see 360 degrees or behind my head where I cannot see at all. When I limit myself to those things, which are all the things that, “I can think of,” I’m leaving off a ton of opportunities. For example, what if I could write a country music song and that country music song could become a number one chart hit and make me a bunch of royalties? I never sold a country music song. I have written them. It’s one of my hobbies because I love the storytelling aspect. It’s like a story in your pocket with a good country song.

I’ve written some of them but I’ve never sold one. One of the reasons is that I don’t have a particular path. I don’t live in Nashville. I’m not on the circuit and not claiming that I am a songwriter but the universe could allow me to orchestrate an experience. My girl needs some mindset coaching because she is amazing. Part of her believes it and part of her doesn’t. Let’s say I started mindset coaching Kelly Clarkson. I could say to her, “Kelly, I wrote this country music song. I want you to know about it.” She could say, “This is brilliant. Let me bring it to my producer.” That’s something that I can imagine happening. I can create that scenario. How likely is it? If I tell myself it can never happen, it isn’t very likely at all because as Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right.”

That may sound like a far-fetched example but my first screenplay sold for over six figures. Why is that? It’s because my writing partner and I were not willing to take no for an answer. We got in there. We started doing all the things. We got lucky but it was through an ad that we placed and the Hollywood reporter advertising the screenplay. A private investor who was in the film business at that time came along and picked that screenplay up for six figures. It was like winning the lottery. She and I kept saying the entire time, “We will not take no for an answer. This screenplay will sell.” I had a screenwriting agent at that time because it was in the interactive business and we were selling interactive stuff through this agent who also worked in Hollywood and had regular screenplay writers. I went to him and I said, “Look at this screenplay. It’s going to sell.” He said, “I don’t know. It’s not for me.” I said, “Trust me. This screenplay will sell for six figures, a little over $100,000.”

What You Seek Is Also Seeking You

That was something that was like a Christmas miracle. Why did it happen? It’s because we manifested it, believed that it could happen, spoke to the goddess of money, said this is possible, know that it will happen and saw it done. There’s this wonderful universal law. I was on TV and I talked about this during the interview. It’s the idea of, “What you seek is also seeking you.” If you want more money, more opportunities or a private jet, it’s looking for you. If you want that amazing dream home, it’s waiting for you to come live there. If you want incredible new clients, they are on the internet searching for their person that is going to be exactly the thing that you are and what you do.

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When you begin to send this out from a place of attraction, this is the Feminine Principle. It is attracting what we desire, not just working our buns off for it. We believe we have to get out there and hustle. You can hustle. I go through periods where I will work 6 to 7 days a week and 12 hours a day because I’m in a sprint where I am hustling, my next book is about to come out or I’m about to launch a program. Those are choices that I make but the idea that I have to do that all the time to make ends meet is a story that we are telling ourselves. The idea is to shift from that place into a place where you believe and understand that you are able to attract with very little effort. Focusing on effort and intention are much more valuable because then the clients that seek you will be able to find you more easily and sometimes, through a crazy set of circumstances. There was an ad in the Hollywood reporter. Somebody who saw it had money and decided to buy our screenplay. If I wrote that into a screenplay, people would be like, “Only in the movies.” That’s not true. That’s also a story that we’re telling ourselves.

The goddess of money for you is getting into space where you understand that you are a goddess. The highest expression of you wants to bring you all the money that you want. The thing that’s blocking it is you getting in your own way. If you want more information like this or more help with this, start going to my website, HalleMindset.com. Check out the freebies that are available there, the other episodes of the show and my book, NutriGlamorous: How To Feel Beautiful Inside and Out, which has a lot of these principles built into it. I’ve written about a lot of these principles in the book, which you can get on Amazon and all over the place. I hope that you will check that out as well. We only get a certain number of breaths, hours in the day and we only got this one life, at least as far as we know. Why not be living it to the exact place that you have imagined in your mind that is possible for you? That is my wish and hope for you. Come back for another episode of the show. Blessings.

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